Good Night Nurse.

And the Day Nurse aint too shabby, either. Thats one good thing I can say about my little sojourne here at the “spa”. These places may cost an arm and a leg, but the service is grand even if the food isnt, and its never a bad thing to have all those  big, strapping laddies in their white coats around the place. Not that they’re coming to take ME away ha ha; I’m already here! and only for my looks, mind you.

My mind’s still as sharp as ever and so’s my tongue even if things do seem a little  soft around the edges the last little while.  

But it IS all taking a bit longer than the Plaestheticians thought it would, so do please check back in  later. In the meantime, I’m going back to relaxing right here in the deck chair, and plotting out upcoming episodes. Hey boys—whose going to bring me my wrap; I’m feeling a chill!


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