Aunt Acid

Aunt AcidWell kiddies, Auntie is still feeling a trifle disembodied, and a little light headed.  Like the stuffing’s been knocked out, and then replaced. No doubt its all remnants of the summer rehab experience–but all things are coming together to make me what I am. Which is to say, a “Tiedyed Tempest With A Teapot”.

Though I seem to have misplaced the teapot….never mind; I think I left it behind the proscenium arch with my makeup box.  I’m sure we’ll find it when we get back to the theatre.

Let’s go driver, time to get back to work!


2 Responses to Aunt Acid

  1. Kay says:

    Dear Aunt Acid,

    I am so very pleased to have found you at The Clinic, I am hoping that you can advise me on steps to take to stay OUT of those places. I fear my family are plotting to send me “for my healths sake” but I am onto them, they can’t fool me.!!
    Please help.

    Hiya toots! Hey, it WAS a great place to meet interesting people, even if one can’t recall the details after the meds wear off. And the health benefits can be FABulous, what with the rest and fresh air and spleen cleansing and all…but I do empathise with your desire to limit the stay. My troupe MEANT well, but it was indeed time to go back out into the World At Large.

    The steps you need to take to stay out of there are the ones in back of the kitchen that lead to the alley. Bruno takes a smoke break there at 8PM and then goes to feed the dogs–you’ve got 10 minutes to make it over the gate. Good luck!!
    Aunt Acid

  2. Dear Aunt Acid. You don’t happen to have seen Cousin SJ over at the clinic have you? She deals in bootleg body parts and me and my friends are ready to deal. Tell her to get that price list up!

    You betcha! She’s all over the place, that one. She’s helping the Plaestheticians, and as soon as she takes off the rubber gloves she’ll be putting up the pics and the pricelists you are looking for…I’ve SEEN whats in those boxes she hauled back, and soon you will too!

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