Summertime and Sticky

backstage with Aunt Acid
Yes, its summertime….and though the living isnt always easy, it sure is sweet.  These are colorful and exciting times in which we live, kiddies! We’re happy to have art and potential, and a good dinner. Things have been getting sticky here, but I mean that in a good way! The adhesive sort of way that allows for making mosaics and all sorts of wonderful things. Sometimes stuff has to stick together, just like people and a good glue will do more for you than most contracts on paper..but that’s an industry joke, and I digress!! As you can see in this picture of me and my dear mutts Pesky and Perky (shelter animals are the best pals, toots; visit your local Humane Society!!) we practically live here at the theatre while we get things readied. But geting it ready takes time, effort…and pals!


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