Sweeping Streets and Sweeping Statements

Swept Up in Denver

Swept Up in Denver

Denver is all a-flutter, getting ready for the Democratic National Convention. Even the big broom and dustpan sculpture downtown is ready to use, sweeping the debris from the streets and unpleasantness under the carpets. Along with the homeless people, who’re being hustled along so that they won’t look so…homeless, and so here.

Of course, the powers that be say that’s nonsense, there’s nothing like that going on and never was, but news crews do seem to get the move’em on action on camera lately. Along with lovely shots on TV of the newly converted warehouse/holding pens for the masses of arrested persons, should there be any, during the upcoming festivities. After all if indeed there are many thousands of protestors  and only several hundred portapotties, it could get ugly. Many of them were not able to book hotel rooms so you can understand some protest-y natures coming out.  And thats not even considering the stated reasons for the organized protests!

But not to fear, the Law will make sure that the complainers are kept at a distance and arrested when possible, so that things look nice during the convention. Did I mention there’s new carpet at the airport and lots of flowers planted too? Back in 1908 at the first Denver DNC, you can bet there was no carpet at the airport, and no homeless people either. Thats back when train tickets out of town were much cheaper, and the law knew how to use ’em to best advantage. Who needs a holding pen when you’ve got train tracks?

Don’t worry about me, kiddies, the picture above a professional media simulation, and I’m not homeless. I have a VERY nice box. And so your dear old Aunt Acid will keep remarking on whats going on at this major party event, even when I can’t get there in person too safely–or quickly–as the city will be shutting down the major freeway during Mr. Obama’s speechifying. Now that should cause a mess not even a giant broom and dustpan can sweep up!


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