Day of the Dead Festivities with Aunt Acid

Aunt Acid is now participating in Day of the Dead Festivities in the front window of Nomad Designs, a wonderful and creative spot in Boulder Colorado filled with exotic goodies (besides Auntie!!) where you can find beads and lots of other things from around the world.

Located at 1813 Pearl Street, (near the famous Pearl Street Mall) this place is worth a visit, even when Aunt Acid isnt in the building.

You can spot her there through the month of October celebrating the turn of the year, our ancestors and loved ones passed and present. 

She’s got her little dogs, too–Perky and Pesky both. 

They always prefer to be where Aunt Acid is…and maybe they’ll even find a bone or two made of sugar!

Aunt Acid is all decked out with polymer clay beads and skulls, silver milagros and “flores para muertes” circling her black lace mantilla. There’s even a Black Madonna brooch on her decolletage, which was made from polymer clay by artist Dotty McMillan.

In addition to beads, imported art and objects, jewelry, and exotic items, you can also take classes at Nomad including one on making Spirit Dolls.

The next one is coming up Sunday October 19th at noon.  We won’t be making any dolls as large as Aunt Acid though!

Check their website for more information.

The doorway itself is a work of art at Nomad, letting you know that what you’ll find inside is not the usual run of the mill room and furnishings.

I particularly like the doorknobs! 

And the tilework by the door is also lovely.

Do stop by and visit if you happen to be Out West here in Boulder Colorado! Tell ’em Aunty sent ya, and don’t be surprised if she doesnt say “hello” while performing–she’s a real pro.


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