Madame’s Boudouir

madames bed 1

Here’s a peek into the private side of my dear friend Madame’s house. This is Madame’s own room. The bed is made with polymer clay over wooden skewers. Even the plants are polymer clay!

Madame’s vanity table in the corner of her room.

Madame's vanity

She’s got pics of Andy, Ava, and “Mr. K”. Ah, those were some memorable parties…..

Aunt Acid has friends in all SORTS of places, big and small! And these are small; 1/6 scale . Not including Mr. K.


3 Responses to Madame’s Boudouir

  1. Hi, I’m Brazilian art and culture producer. I work on an Institution, and i was looking your dolls and caracters in this blog, and – I confess for you – I really think is very funny and original. Do you have interesting in show the dolls here? Would you like to show them in Brazil? Tell me more about your work, about the Madam, etc.

    • Aunt Acid says:

      Hi Natalia!
      This particular installation no longer exists…the Shady Lady dolls from this set have all gone on to new homes years ago., and what I have left is the pictures. However, Its time to make new ones in the coming year! In what sort of Institution do you work, and what kind of show would be of interest to you? Most of the sets I do, like these rooms or the quilt store, require a lot of little details being set at the right place, so I’d almost have to come with it to set it up, unless I make one that is all glued in place. Which is certainly possible! (Of course, Aunt Acid would LOVE to visit Brazil with me!)Take a look at my miniature quilt store too, if you like scale models! both the pictures here and there are of 1/6 scale models—thats fashion doll size like Barbie, etc. or two inches scale size equals 12 inches in our size
      Thanks for writing!

  2. Cool, a bed made out of polymer clay. Nice idea!

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