Aunt’s Rants & Raves

You just KNOW Aunt Acid has lots of opinions.

And now she’s up on her soapbox again.

Aunt Acid\'s on her soapbox

blue starShe’s going to share a few choice  words with her very dear Readers.

After she’s aired the linens for a bit , they will reside on a page for your continued reading pleasure.  Let’s talk about humor, sex, drugs, rock and roll, money,  religion, politics, fashion, and food.  All the really hot topics and the provocative stuff!

Let’s talk about toys!

So if you enjoy a polite yet pointed flame or two roasting the well-deserving, or a plethora of praise for those who deserve that, then welcome to Aunt Acid’s Rants and Raves!

Aunt Acid\'s Rants & Raves


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