Ask Aunt Acid

ask questionsGo ahead…ask if you dare.
Auntie will answer in her own inimitable style.


2 Responses to Ask Aunt Acid

  1. hollyburger says:

    Q) I have a question… Aunt Acid, what do you wear when you are blogging? Pajamas don’t have enough drama, shoes fall off and … I just don’t know what to do.
    -Blogging Confused

    A) Dear Confused–I just love my blogging suits. Surely you’ve seen them (hey–Shirley!!). Originally designed for running (dialogue) in velour/polar fleece, both tops and bottoms. Oh, wait–thats my skin. But it IS comfy…and I never stick to the chair.

  2. hollyburger says:

    Thanks, Aunty, I know what I have to do now. It’s time to turn up the a/c and wrap myself in some really nurturing, soft fleece. I’m thinking tea, soft music and George Clooney. Did I write that out loud? Oops. Too late now. Thanks, Aunty Acid, you’re a real support. Just like my jogging bra. Or, is it a blogging bra? Anyway…
    -Fleeced Out and Happy

    You are welcome, and you’ve got it right–its all about comfort and support. AND George Clooney–he’s swoony!
    -Aunt Acid

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