Pearls Before Wine (And Not Till After Noon)

July 2, 2008

In between costume fittings, painting sets, walking the dogs, and working nights at the Blue Swirl Bar & Grill I’ve been jotting down some pearls of accumulated wisdom over at  where there’s always something beautifully beady going on. You can get the Daily Edition in your email if you go there and subscribe, or just browse around and see what you think of all the articles and projects.  If you like it, be supportive! And if you don’t, then go outside and play; find something fun to do on this lovely summer’s day!

It is of course quite natural for a beloved spokesmodel such as myself to constantly be asked questions about style, fashion, history, and personal matters—and the column “Aunt Acid’s Pearls” is a way of sharing the questions and the answers with you, my dear readers! So take a look, toots, and see if you have any questions YOU’D like answered! Here’s links to the first three, and watch out–there’s more on the way.

  • Men’s Earrings
  • Consumerism
  • Where Did All The Hippies Go?
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    Summertime and Sticky

    June 27, 2008

    backstage with Aunt Acid
    Yes, its summertime….and though the living isnt always easy, it sure is sweet.  These are colorful and exciting times in which we live, kiddies! We’re happy to have art and potential, and a good dinner. Things have been getting sticky here, but I mean that in a good way! The adhesive sort of way that allows for making mosaics and all sorts of wonderful things. Sometimes stuff has to stick together, just like people and a good glue will do more for you than most contracts on paper..but that’s an industry joke, and I digress!! As you can see in this picture of me and my dear mutts Pesky and Perky (shelter animals are the best pals, toots; visit your local Humane Society!!) we practically live here at the theatre while we get things readied. But geting it ready takes time, effort…and pals!

    Rants and Raves, & A Little Theme Music

    April 28, 2008

    Oh my stars... Oh my stars.

    And look…..there’s one now! Its a  tie dyed testemonial to terrific-ness, one way or another.

    We’ve been busy worker bees here at the theatre, and sets, props, costumes and more are starting to come together. Whether they stay  together depends on the glue, but we’re hoping. 

    Musical Director Eddie Ersatz is working out the theme music for our show. Appropriately titled, “Let’s Talk About Toys” is a romping little tune! You can take a listen to the Intro over at the Aunt Acid MySpace page.

    Also available now are the first of my Rants and Raves up for your viewing pleasure. Whether its politics of money and  taxes or blue glass guitars, there’s ALWAYS something to talk about here!