soup can

August 1, 2009

soup can

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Some things simply don’t come canned and condensed, and Aunt Acid’s one of them–so’s her 3 Mother’s chicken soup, made using a blend of recipes from Chinese, Jewish and Hippy Earth Mothers. But it DOES make for a nice graphic and this one was for my 3d assignment in Adobe PhotoshopII.

The real thing is well worth making–freeze some and have it handy when somebody has a cold–this one burns out all the germs and even cuts through the dreaded rubber-cement mucus.

With peppers, onions, garlic, mustard, horseradish, ginger, lemon and more in this delicious soup, you’ll find you can breath again. Its practically an Auntie-biotic!


Someone’s In The Kitchen With Aunty….

July 2, 2009

What’s cooking with Aunt Acid!

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I’m serving up a look at another assignment in my Photoshop II class. This one was to design a book cover using the various masks and modes that we’ve been studying. I also used three photos (good thing I’m also taking a digital photography class) and a food image that I created in Illustrator last semester–I LOVE Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop! (and I love using my homework more than once….thats Creative Leftovers which can be lovely reheated or served cold!

So here’s a look at what’s been cooking here at my house. Someday I’ll put the insides of this book together—I’m saving up some great recipes. But only the cover was this week’s project!


Mushrooms From Outer Space

January 30, 2009

mushroom32This is not a bad B movie premise…or rather, it goes far beyond that.

My dear friend Edward says that mushrooms first came to Earth from Outer Space.

He told me that the first spore arrived with meteors that struck the earth, carrying the beginnings of these fruiting funguses. Fungi? Yes, he is, but that’s a different story.

mushroom3b1There are huge, massive, gigundous fungi that spread (some for miles)under the ground. What we know as “mushrooms” are the fruit, springing up after rains, when the weather and soil conditions are right.

The kinds that we can safely eat are just a few of the many that are growing in the wild. Most are pretty toxic to our systems in a liver and life threatening sort of way, so do NOT go out looking for myco-goodies in the cowpats in spring.  Those who study such things (mycology) will tell you that its safest to eat the mushrooms that are commercially grown. Liver failure is not a pretty thing, so stick with the varieties known to be safe…and ever so yummy!


That’s not such limiting advice, either, as there are many wonderful tasty varieties of edible mushrooms. Everybody has seen the button mushrooms sold at grocery stores and beloved on pizza. But there’s so much more! There are many kinds available between the big chain grocers, organic grocers, farmer’s markets and specialty markets. Shitake, Oyster Kings, and Lion’s Beard—some sound like rock bands or something out of Alice’s Wonderland. I like them best when sauteed in butter and garlic. But then, most foods are improved by a heated discourse with butter and garlic.  But maybe not ice cream or pancakes!!