Blue Swirl Bar & Grill

May 19, 2008

The Blue Swirl Bar & GrillAfter a long hard day of Show Business, what with the costume fittings, the production meetings, and all that painting and gluing for the sets, its good to have a local watering hole in walking distance. We like to keep the carbon imprint down, and walking is GOOD for you! Right next door to the theatre, thats where you’ll find the Blue Swirl, where the cast and  crew can be found having a little something in between shifts or shows.

The Blue Swirl Bar & Grill, home to many denizens of the not so Deep, (and a few who are indeed out in the murky depths). Where it is always Happy Hour, but the drinks are always full price. (But they’re also full strength and that contributes to the “happy” part, up to a point, so drink responsibly! Have some food with that…) Its a place that great and the near-great go to congregate. 

Also where of an evening once a month you can hear The Eddie Ersatz Orchestra as they broadcast the the everso popular Copyright Infringement Cabaret.  If the music sounds familiar…. maybe it is! Stop by sometime and see the show, maybe we’ll seeya there! Puppets work hard, and but they like their playtime when the day is done!


Rants and Raves, & A Little Theme Music

April 28, 2008

Oh my stars... Oh my stars.

And look…..there’s one now! Its a  tie dyed testemonial to terrific-ness, one way or another.

We’ve been busy worker bees here at the theatre, and sets, props, costumes and more are starting to come together. Whether they stay  together depends on the glue, but we’re hoping. 

Musical Director Eddie Ersatz is working out the theme music for our show. Appropriately titled, “Let’s Talk About Toys” is a romping little tune! You can take a listen to the Intro over at the Aunt Acid MySpace page.

Also available now are the first of my Rants and Raves up for your viewing pleasure. Whether its politics of money and  taxes or blue glass guitars, there’s ALWAYS something to talk about here!


Coming Right Up

April 18, 2008

Ask Questions--Aunt AcidTsk. I tell ya, toots, they’ve let the place go to hell in a handbag, and Shirley’s holding it. We all just better hope she doesn’t let it out, but then Shirley’s always been very tight about the pocketbook, if you know what I mean.

And its a darn good thing too, because somebody has to tend to the till. Thats why I’m back to business, and building up steam. (Or maybe the breakfast bean burrito wasn’t such a good idea. That could be it…)

I’ve been spending the last several months selfishly, pulling myself together (with the help of skilled professional Plaestheticians) and as you can plainly see the time, effort, and money was WORTH it. I’m rested, refreshed, my head is together and my eyes are clear. I still can’t feel my fingers or toes, but they tell me thats to be expected for a while….there’s still work to be done!

And thats the point, toots, in the world of working artists and musicians NObody is such a big a star that they don’t have to pitch in and work. And thats precisely why even Stars (thats with a big “S”, toots, you know I have one!) such as myself are out here cleaning up the theater, setting up tables and getting ready to display the cds and tshirts you can buy after the show. ( I tossed for it with Eddie and won. Guess who has to finish sweeping the lobby AND do the bathrooms?? hehehe). Merchandise sales are usually how a band eeks out a living, if there’s any eeking to be done. Bands who get picked up by Big Time Management often don’t even get that…always remember to keep the merchandising rights and the copyrights too, kiddies! “Royalties” should be something beyond the broad in the crown. Residuals! A Piece Of The Back End!!!

ooof….speaking of backends, I think I’ll just sit down. These tables are heavy.

There’s still so much to be done, kiddies, but the whole troupe is on it. Won’t be long now and we’ll be printing up the tickets and the handbills so stop in again soon and see what’s up!