It takes a lot of work to look this gorgeous and Aunt Acid has her own team of Plaestheticians, working tirelessly to keep up appearances. Please, someone—give these people a tire. (Thats not a promise, thats a tread…whaddaya mean, that joke is flat!!!?)

But seriously.

all wrapped upI promised Shirley Eugest that as soon as my eyes were open and somebody was home that I’d get back to work on my memoirs.

Though beginning in the last century, I was NOT born in a log cabin. And it is only now that I’ve found my “voice” and my true form, thanks to the miracles of science. Without a sense of humor, I just wouldnt be here at all. My origins are organic, but it is through plastic surgery that I have become the wonder that is me.

This exciting tale of thermoplasticity is NOT for the squeamish. If the sight of raw polymers makes you pale, READ NO FURTHER.

to be continued….


5 Responses to Plaesthetics

  1. Claylady43 says:

    Hang in there girl, I know you will make it. Looking forward to your finished site.

    Thanks toots! The team is working day and night, and we’ll be adding more lots more content so come back and see us soon, ya hear?

  2. this is just way toooooooooooo funny. Sara, don’t try and put the brakes on Auntie’s tongue I think she’ll be a real pis*er once she gets going 🙂 Can’t wait to see her in action. C.aJG

    You got it, darlin’! Its “no holds barred” here, let the pretzels fall where they may.

  3. magpie says:

    too amusing for words! Thank heavens for plaesthetics!

  4. Patricia says:

    As a child I’d always been fascinated by puppets; “Howdy Doody; Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, etc.” As an adult, I realized how much my children enjoyed the puppets on Mr. Rogers…King Something?…but I spent so much time in the work-world that I wasn’t there to share the magical world of puppets I’d so enjoyed when I was a child with my own children. Now I find myself, as a grandmother once again engaging in the interest of puppetry, especially how these amazing persona are constructed.

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