Naughty Knitting?

November 30, 2008

cozy11No it’s not! It’s just the right warm and fuzzy accessory for those cold Fall and Winter nights when canoodling might occur.

I refer, of course, to Condom Cozies, created by my dear and thoughtful friend Auntie M., who thoroughly enjoys a good knitting project.

Although she promotes spaying and neutering all the pets, the young humans around need a different sort of encouragement and help so as to not breed too early.

If its going to be Safe Sex, or No Sex, then make sure you have what’s needed either way. Anybody has the right to say “No” at any point, but what if it’s “Yes”? Best to be prepared.

A knitted Condom Cozy is just big enough to stash the essentials, like a prophylactic, and pretty enough to wear.

These lovely little bags are sometimes felted too! And for further detail she uses a piece of her own artisan fused glass cabochons and beads to embellish the front flaps.


She also makes Condom Cozies completely out of fused glass that can be mounted on a bedroom or bathroom wall. Practical and lovely both, keep ’em stocked and be ready to use condoms to prevent unplanned pregnancies and avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Maybe it IS true that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder…but sometimes things happen.

Stay safe and warm and keep bundled up!