Someone’s In The Kitchen With Aunty….

July 2, 2009

What’s cooking with Aunt Acid!

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I’m serving up a look at another assignment in my Photoshop II class. This one was to design a book cover using the various masks and modes that we’ve been studying. I also used three photos (good thing I’m also taking a digital photography class) and a food image that I created in Illustrator last semester–I LOVE Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop! (and I love using my homework more than once….thats Creative Leftovers which can be lovely reheated or served cold!

So here’s a look at what’s been cooking here at my house. Someday I’ll put the insides of this book together—I’m saving up some great recipes. But only the cover was this week’s project!



Aunt Acid’s Baby Book

June 15, 2009

aunt acid baby book

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What’s “real” when it comes to art and Adobe Photoshop, or the life of a puppet? That’s not a question that comes down to black and white, or even sepia tone!

If there was a book about Aunt Acid’s turn as a child star in Vaudeville, this would be it. It’s also my homework….

Here’s the “final product” in the Mask Layer and Vanishing Point Filter assignment for my Adobe Photoshop II homework. I love this class!


Everything’s Coming Up Aunty

March 12, 2009

Aunt Acid In Bloom

Have you been wondering what yer old Aunt Acid’s been up to lately? well, life’s been busy as always. The gang is still renovating the theatre getting ready to Put On Shows and Friday nights are musicly hot at the Blue Swirl Bar and Grill.  While waiting for the paint to dry and those pesky building inspections  (we could have sworn the wiring was still good, but when sparks fly it probably should be the actors emoting, not the lights) the show still goes on..somewhere. Heres a picture of Aunt Acid co-starring in the Off Off Off Off Broadway re-make of “Babes In Bloom”. She wows ’em once agaian with her stirring rendition of “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”. It was true when Flo Ziegfield first produced it in the 1930’s and its still true today, so dont believe anybody that says they’ll plant your dollars for next year’s crop.

Day of the Dead Festivities with Aunt Acid

October 6, 2008

Aunt Acid is now participating in Day of the Dead Festivities in the front window of Nomad Designs, a wonderful and creative spot in Boulder Colorado filled with exotic goodies (besides Auntie!!) where you can find beads and lots of other things from around the world.

Located at 1813 Pearl Street, (near the famous Pearl Street Mall) this place is worth a visit, even when Aunt Acid isnt in the building.

You can spot her there through the month of October celebrating the turn of the year, our ancestors and loved ones passed and present. 

She’s got her little dogs, too–Perky and Pesky both. 

They always prefer to be where Aunt Acid is…and maybe they’ll even find a bone or two made of sugar!

Aunt Acid is all decked out with polymer clay beads and skulls, silver milagros and “flores para muertes” circling her black lace mantilla. There’s even a Black Madonna brooch on her decolletage, which was made from polymer clay by artist Dotty McMillan.

In addition to beads, imported art and objects, jewelry, and exotic items, you can also take classes at Nomad including one on making Spirit Dolls.

The next one is coming up Sunday October 19th at noon.  We won’t be making any dolls as large as Aunt Acid though!

Check their website for more information.

The doorway itself is a work of art at Nomad, letting you know that what you’ll find inside is not the usual run of the mill room and furnishings.

I particularly like the doorknobs! 

And the tilework by the door is also lovely.

Do stop by and visit if you happen to be Out West here in Boulder Colorado! Tell ’em Aunty sent ya, and don’t be surprised if she doesnt say “hello” while performing–she’s a real pro.

Pearls Before Wine (And Not Till After Noon)

July 2, 2008

In between costume fittings, painting sets, walking the dogs, and working nights at the Blue Swirl Bar & Grill I’ve been jotting down some pearls of accumulated wisdom over at  where there’s always something beautifully beady going on. You can get the Daily Edition in your email if you go there and subscribe, or just browse around and see what you think of all the articles and projects.  If you like it, be supportive! And if you don’t, then go outside and play; find something fun to do on this lovely summer’s day!

It is of course quite natural for a beloved spokesmodel such as myself to constantly be asked questions about style, fashion, history, and personal matters—and the column “Aunt Acid’s Pearls” is a way of sharing the questions and the answers with you, my dear readers! So take a look, toots, and see if you have any questions YOU’D like answered! Here’s links to the first three, and watch out–there’s more on the way.

  • Men’s Earrings
  • Consumerism
  • Where Did All The Hippies Go?

  • Summertime and Sticky

    June 27, 2008

    backstage with Aunt Acid
    Yes, its summertime….and though the living isnt always easy, it sure is sweet.  These are colorful and exciting times in which we live, kiddies! We’re happy to have art and potential, and a good dinner. Things have been getting sticky here, but I mean that in a good way! The adhesive sort of way that allows for making mosaics and all sorts of wonderful things. Sometimes stuff has to stick together, just like people and a good glue will do more for you than most contracts on paper..but that’s an industry joke, and I digress!! As you can see in this picture of me and my dear mutts Pesky and Perky (shelter animals are the best pals, toots; visit your local Humane Society!!) we practically live here at the theatre while we get things readied. But geting it ready takes time, effort…and pals!

    Blue Swirl Bar & Grill

    May 19, 2008

    The Blue Swirl Bar & GrillAfter a long hard day of Show Business, what with the costume fittings, the production meetings, and all that painting and gluing for the sets, its good to have a local watering hole in walking distance. We like to keep the carbon imprint down, and walking is GOOD for you! Right next door to the theatre, thats where you’ll find the Blue Swirl, where the cast and  crew can be found having a little something in between shifts or shows.

    The Blue Swirl Bar & Grill, home to many denizens of the not so Deep, (and a few who are indeed out in the murky depths). Where it is always Happy Hour, but the drinks are always full price. (But they’re also full strength and that contributes to the “happy” part, up to a point, so drink responsibly! Have some food with that…) Its a place that great and the near-great go to congregate. 

    Also where of an evening once a month you can hear The Eddie Ersatz Orchestra as they broadcast the the everso popular Copyright Infringement Cabaret.  If the music sounds familiar…. maybe it is! Stop by sometime and see the show, maybe we’ll seeya there! Puppets work hard, and but they like their playtime when the day is done!