Aunty Warhol

April 18, 2009

If Aunt Acid were to write a tell-all book about her life as a modern muse and spokesmodel, this might be it. Of course, she’d NEVER do that—there are some things a body just keeps to themselves, if they are honorable.  And then there’s the stories you tell at private parties but never in print.  Although the most fascinating details might never hit print, there’s always something of interest going in THIS spokesmodel’s career, and its not just hitting the runways, or hitting the help like SOME supermodels. We pick up after ourselves around here, ladies and gents,  in the belief that no one is so special they can’t put their own undies in the hamper.

A calender of artistic spoofs is in the works for some future year, and here you see a print of Aunty in the style of Andy.


Blue Swirl Bar & Grill

May 19, 2008

The Blue Swirl Bar & GrillAfter a long hard day of Show Business, what with the costume fittings, the production meetings, and all that painting and gluing for the sets, its good to have a local watering hole in walking distance. We like to keep the carbon imprint down, and walking is GOOD for you! Right next door to the theatre, thats where you’ll find the Blue Swirl, where the cast and  crew can be found having a little something in between shifts or shows.

The Blue Swirl Bar & Grill, home to many denizens of the not so Deep, (and a few who are indeed out in the murky depths). Where it is always Happy Hour, but the drinks are always full price. (But they’re also full strength and that contributes to the “happy” part, up to a point, so drink responsibly! Have some food with that…) Its a place that great and the near-great go to congregate. 

Also where of an evening once a month you can hear The Eddie Ersatz Orchestra as they broadcast the the everso popular Copyright Infringement Cabaret.  If the music sounds familiar…. maybe it is! Stop by sometime and see the show, maybe we’ll seeya there! Puppets work hard, and but they like their playtime when the day is done!