Terrific In Tie Dye

June 7, 2010

There’s something very special about a week long blast of all kinds of color! And that’s what happens at the Annual Dyeing Days. Its a lotta work, acting like an old time washerwoman hauling buckets of water and rinsing, rinsing, rinsing…..but that comes after all the tie-ing and dyeing that comes first! With over 40 bottles of colorful Procion MX series fiber reactive dyes, we go WAY past red, yellow and blue!

There are swirls, stripes, bullseyes, and lots of other ways to fold. Here’s a spiral. We just love that chartreuse green, and it goes well with the oxblood red, raspberry, golden yellow and all the other colors too, for that matter.  Take a look at all the shirts that got dyed this year and also a slide show of  dyed fabrics from previous years here.


Rants and Raves, & A Little Theme Music

April 28, 2008

Oh my stars... Oh my stars.

And look…..there’s one now! Its a  tie dyed testemonial to terrific-ness, one way or another.

We’ve been busy worker bees here at the theatre, and sets, props, costumes and more are starting to come together. Whether they stay  together depends on the glue, but we’re hoping. 

Musical Director Eddie Ersatz is working out the theme music for our show. Appropriately titled, “Let’s Talk About Toys” is a romping little tune! You can take a listen to the Intro over at the Aunt Acid MySpace page.

Also available now are the first of my Rants and Raves up for your viewing pleasure. Whether its politics of money and  taxes or blue glass guitars, there’s ALWAYS something to talk about here!